Title Optimizing Laser Scanner Selection and Installation through 3D Simulation-Based Planning - Focusing on Displacement Measurements of Retaining Wall Structures in Small-scale Buildings -
Authors Lee, Gil-yong ; Kim, Jun-Sang ; Yoou, Geon hee ; Kim, Young Suk
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2024.25.3.068
Page pp.68-82
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Simulation; Laser Sensor; Optimization Plan; Small-Scale Building; Displacement Measurement
Abstract The planning stage of laser scanning is crucial for acquiring high-quality 3D source data. It involves assessing the target space's environment and formulating an effective measurement strategy. However, existing practices often overlook onsite conditions, with decisions on scanner deployment and scanning locations relying heavily on the operators' experience. This approach has resulted in frequent modifications to scanning locations and diminished 3D data quality. Previous research has explored the selection of optimal scanner locations and conducted preliminary reviews through simulation, but these methods have significant drawbacks. They fail to consider scanner inaccuracies, do not support the use of multiple scanners, rely on less accurate 2D drawings, and require specialized knowledge in 3D modeling and programming. This study introduces an optimization technique for laser scanning planning using 3D simulation to address these issues. By evaluating the accuracy of scan data from various laser scanners and their positioning for scanning a retaining wall structure in a small-scale building, this method aids in refining the laser scanning plan. It enhances the decision-making process for end-users by ensuring data quality and reducing the need for plan adjustments during the planning phase.