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Cost prediction model of Public Multi-housing Projects in Schematic Design Phase

Kwon, Ho-Suk ; Moon, Hyun-Seok ; Lee, Sung-Kyun ; Hong, Tae-Hoon ; Koo, Kyo-Jin ; Hyun, Chang-Ta

The Analysis on the Impact Factors of Delivery Method for Multi-Family Housing Projects

Moon, Hyun-Seok ; Hong, Tae-Hoon ; Koo, Gyo-Jin ; Hyun, Chang-Taek

IFC test between commercial 3D CAD application using IFC

Lim, Jae-In ; Kim, Jae-Woo ; Kwon, Hyuk-Do ; Yoon, Su-Won ; Kwon, Soon-Wook ; Chin, Sang-Yoon

A Study on Developing Systems for Managing Information on Owner's Requirements in the Design Phase

Yoo, Seung-Yeun ; Yi, June-Seong ; Park, Jung-Dae ; Jun, Joon-Ki

Development of Engineering Checklist Model for Case-based Evaluation of Plant EPC Project

Lee, Sang Youb ; Son, Jae Ho ; You, Young Hun ; Han, Choong Hee