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A Study on the Risk Evaluation of Apartment Development Project based on VE

Lee, Hyun-Chul ; Shin, Seog-Bae ; Hong, Ju-Hyun ; Go, Seong-Seok

Business Process Model for Progress Phase of Design-Build Project

Song, Young Woong ; Son, Bo Sik ; Chun, Jae Youl ; Choi, Yoon Ki

A Study on the Time Series Analysis of the Actual Unit Cost based on the Bid Prices

Park, Won-Young ; Seo, Jong-Won ; Kang, Sang-Hyeok ; Choi, Bong-Joon

Development of Component Design Process for Automated Construction System

Jin, Il-Guan ; Shin, Yoonseok ; Cho, Hunhee ; Kang, Kyung-In

Cost Prediction Models in the Early Stage of the Roadway Planning and Designbased on Limited Available Information

Kwak, Soo Nam ; Kim, Duyon ; Kim, Byoungil ; Choi, Seokjin ; Han, Seung Heon