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Strategic Performance Measurement of Knowledge Management in Construction Industry

Ko, Sung-Kwan ; Kim, Jae-Jun ; Baek, Jong-Kun ; Kim, Dae-Ho

The Study of Quality Control in Engineering on the Turnkey Project

Lee, Yong-Jin ; Lee, Teck-Wn ; Kim, Jin-Young ; Han, Choong-Hee ; Kim, Sun-Kuk

An Incentive Program for Dissemination of the Basis of Construction CALS

Park, Hye-Young ; Han, Sang-Won ; Kim, Bun-Soo ; Kim, Ki-Jung ; Kim, Soo-Jung ; Kim, Jae-Jun

A Basic Study on the Electronic Bidding Systems for Public Procurement in Construction Area

Cheon, Bong-Gi ; Jung, In-Su ; Kim,Young-Kyun ; Kim, Seung-Kyun ; Kim,Yea-Sang