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Prototype Structure of integrated Document Forms for Construction PMIS based on Analysis

Kim, Myeong-Jin ; Jung, Tae-Hwan ; Noh, Gyu-Tae ; Koo, Kyo-Jin

Development of Function Breakdown Structure of Building Element based on Performance for Idea Connection in Design VE

Lee, In-Jai ; Hyun, Chang-Taek ; Son, Myung-Jin ; Kim, Dae-Hyun ; Kim, Yun-Sik

A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the Effect of Housing Supply Policies

Hwang, Sungjoo ; Park, Moonseo ; Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Kim, Hyunsoo

Development of a Business Support System by Phase for Delivering Construction Management Contract in the Government Civil Project

Chae, Yeong-Seok ; Park, Seo-Young ; Moon, Hyoun-Seok ; Kim, Seon-Yeong ; Kang, Leen-Seok

A Study on the Characteristic of Ubiquitous Infrastructure for u-City

Eum, Min-Kyung ; Song, Seung-Min ; Kim, Do-Nyun