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The process of Indoor Space Combination Network Model based on object oriented CAD data and its application

Oh Jung Woo ; Kim Kyung Hwan ; Lee Yoon Sun ; Ahn Byung Ju ; Kim Jae Jun

Development of the Strategy for Construction Production Improvement by System Thinking

Kim, Bong-Sik ; Lee, Yoon-Sun ; Hong, Jung-Seok ; Kim, Jae-Jun

Object & Parameter based Schematic Estimation Model for Building Interior Works

Koo, Kyo-Jin ; Park, Sung-Ho ; Park, Sung-Chul ; Song, Jong-Kwan

A Process Model of Eco-friendly Demolition Work for Wall Type Aged Housing Remodeling

Hwang, Young-Gyu ; Kim, Ki-Hyun ; Kim, Kyung-Ra ; Han, Ju-Yeoun

The Development of Life Cycle Cost Evaluation Index for Public Facilities

Kim, Tae-Hui ; Gu, Bon-Hak ; Kim, Ok-Gyu ; Park, Tae-Keun ; Lee, Hyun-Soo