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Constructability Analysis in Aged-Housing Remodeling Demolition Work for Maximizing Waste Recycling

Chae, Seong-Hyun ; Kim, Ki-Hyun ; Cha, Hee-Sung ; Kim, Kyung-Rai ; Han, Ju-yeoun

Development of Design Collaboration Management System for Multiple Participants in Design Projects

Lee, Jee-Hee ; Yi, June-Seong ; Shin, Seung-Woo ; Park, Kyung-Rog ; Lim, Ji-Youn

Development of Gateway Review System for Supporting Collaborative Decision-Making through Project Life Cycle

Shin, Seung-Woo ; Yi, June-Seong ; Lee, Jee-Hee ; Park, Kyung-Rog ; Lim, Ji-Youn

Checklist of Design Phase for Reducing the Noise and Vibration occurring in Construction

Oh, Kyung-Ta ; Ahn, Jeong-Min ; Jeong, Jae-Soo ; Jung, In-Su ; Lee, Chan-Sik